Where are they now? Corey Cain


Corey Cain was a 3 times World Champion as of the 1998 World Championships in Toronto, Canada – he is now a 5 times World Kickboxing Champion, as well as World Taekwondo Champion, and multiple wins in the British Kickboxing Championship. He is also experienced in a full range of kickboxing disciplines, full contact karate and Judo, and has toured the world, competing as part of the worlds top Sport Karate teams, including Team Hyashi, as well as captaining the infamous Team SWAT.

Corey is currently a 4th Dan Black Belt in WAKO Kickboxing and a 1st Degree Black sash in Lau Gar Kung Fu.

Alongside his Martial Arts, Corey is also a highly qualified Personal Fitness Trainer and Instructor, and teaches several local Fitness and Circuit classes for Genesis Martial Arts & Kickboxing in England.